I Think I’ve Been Outdone

So I updated you guys last month about the get-togethers my friends and I have been having over the last year. If you forgot you can check it out HERE. Well now that we have been doing it for a full year and we have gone through a complete cycle of hosting it is now officially a thing.  I really like when you start a tradition and you stick to it.  Well this time the party was where it all began and since people have been stepping up their game at every party I anticipated that this one wouldn’t be any different.  Well I was right.  Just wait till you see the stuff that was at this party.

IMG_3713Let’s start with the cheese platter.  At first glance it looks so simple and nicely put together but looks can be deceiving.  Those crackers on the right had all these herbs in them and were extremely tasty and a nice addition to anything you put on it.  But the best part was that half moon of cheese that you see.  It was stark white.  At first glance you would think that it wouldn’t have that much flavor.  Well I was blown away.  The fact that it tasted like there was a mix of herbs and spices in it but that it was pure white was crazy.  It cut like a feta cheese but then it was spreadable like goat cheese.  It was so good.  There was also some herbed goat cheese, turkey pepperoni, and small grapes which were a nice touch around the platter.

IMG_3719The hosts were nice enough to send me home with the rest of the cheese!!!!  If you can find this stuff get it.
IMG_3714Next up was homemade guacamole( the get together was around Cinco de Mayo, so this was a tribute) and plantain chips.
IMG_3715Shrimp cocktail.  Classy.
IMG_3716Some lives and some of the small grapes.
IMG_3717Some tomato and mozzarella skewers over a bed of basil.  I think the 2 colors of tomatoes was a nice touch. Now let’s really get into it.
IMG_3718Mini chicken cordon bleu.  Cheese wrapped in turkey ham wrapped in chicken with some seasoned breadcrumbs on it.  There was an apricot mustard or some kind of mustard fruit mixture that was a dipping sauce.
IMG_3720Next up was the dish that impressed me the most.  Mini chicken and waffles with maple gravy.  What a great idea, right?  There were homemade waffle “fingers” covered in freshly fried chicken tenders.  The chicken was fried perfectly.  It was crispy, tender, juicy, and not greasy at all.  I am not sure why I kept forgetting about taking pictures of the sauces but take my word it was good.  IMG_3721Next was Asian meatballs with dipping sauce.  Yay, finally got a dipping sauce in.  These were really good.  They tasted like the inside of a dumpling.IMG_3722But wait, there’s more.  Next up was lamb tacos.  Ground lamb meat inside scoops topped with some salsa, sour cream, and cheese.  I actually am nit sure if that is what was on top but it looks like it.IMG_3723The last main dish was red pepper quiche. A really cheesy mixture inside pizza dough.  IMG_3725I was tasked with dessert.  Feast your eye on red velvet cheesecake brownies.  Don’t worry I’ll fill you in on the recipe next week.  These were really good.  The only problem was that we refrigerated them and once we took them out we started eating.  I think they would have been better if we let the chill come out of them.


So what do you guys think?  Don’t you wish you were a part of these parties?  Or at least the eating part. LOL.  Not sure if you guys realize how much actually goes into these parties.  With the planning, cleaning, recipe researching, prepping, cooking, cleanup.  It is exhausting and I can’t believe how much they got done.  But in the end it is so worth it.  We always have so much fun catching up with each other and just eating and drinking .  It is crazy how 6 hours can fly by when we have these. So much fun.


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  1. Abby

    Hi EC :) this is the best post you have had so far! Haha just kidding, all of your posts are really awesome and you inspire me! So glad one of my bffs is a foodie, like me :) xoxo.

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